Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come on down.....We have a Winner!!!!!

Congratulations to Jo @ the lovely blog My Grandma's Soul, she won Belleza. Jo's blog is a lovely and very inspiring blog please go check it out and tell her congratulations!!! This was my first giveaway and it was alot of fun!!! I truly wish that everyone could win, but don't worry I enjoyed this so much I plan on doing it again in the near future (really soon)... My mind is thinking at this very moment-----What can I giveaway next???? Maybe a little something to get a lucky winner in the Christmas spirit????? You will have to check back and see....... Thanks so much to everyone that took there time to post a comment and I loved hearing what everyone said about fall.
Thanks again!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You will be glad you did.....

Hello all of my blog land friends... I have a special treat for you today.. I was on google looking at decorative dish towels and came across on of the most beautiful blogs. It must be my lucky day, not only have I found a new and very inspiring blog ----she happens to be doing the GIVEAWAY of all GIVEAWAYS. Please go to the top right and click for chance to win. You will be glad you did. Of course I would love to win this giveaway but I am just as happy to be daydreaming and visiting. GOOD LUCK!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Freedom Divine: A Glamourous Giveaway

Freedom Divine: A Glamourous Giveaway: "I am doing my very first giveaway!!! Yeaaaaa for you!! I entered a giveaway earlier this month and I won. I was so happy and excited that I ..."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I won a fabulous MOON ORNAMENT check it out here.....

OK in my last post I was telling you about the giveaway I won. I just wanted to share my wonderful prize with all of you. I won this on the BWBA's giveaway. The artist is Lori Cooper of  Flossie Kat's Studio she is a very talented lady. I can't tell her enough how much I LOVE my ornament.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Glamourous Giveaway

I am doing my very first giveaway!!! Yeaaaaa for you!! I entered a giveaway earlier this month and I won. I was so happy and excited that I thought I would love to make someone else feel the same way. I know you are all wondering what I won and I'll show you and tell you as soon as I download my pictures. It's fabulous.
So here's the rules for my giveaway,
1. You must be a follower or become a follower on "Freedom Divine".

2. Post a little something on your blog about my giveaway....

3. Leave a comment on this post- not any ol' comment- I want to know what is one your favorite things about Fall, I will tell you mine if you tell me yours, OK ......I'll tell you mine first- I love the smell of leaves burning when it's cold outside. I'm not talking bout a Forest fire or anything just a little leaf pile burning. I also love spending the day inside cooking and baking, with all my windows open. Maybe that sounds a little strange but hey if your strange and you want to tell me all about it I won't hold it against you....
OK I think that's about it.... I will choose a random number on the morning of October the 27th of 2015 Just kidding- October 27th of this year!!! To simplify things next Wednesday. As soon as I hear back from the winner I will send the package.  I can not be held responsible for any type of major or natural disasters that would keep me from being able to get to the post office but if all goes well here in South Carolina then you should get your winnings in a timely fashion. Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!

Come and meet, Belleza. She's a little glammed up crow that wants to come sit pretty at your house. Some would call this a Halloween decoration and that's fine with me but at my house Belleza, well.... she'd be glammin' it up all year long.... Her favorite color is pink and she likes long walks on the beach.......

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A few of my Favorite Pieces...

These are few "guys" I made using paper clay... I think they look great together, or by themselves. They are on my ETSY site for sale and I often find myself thinking----hummm they would look good in my kitchen, then I remind myself that I can make them for me later. Knowing that I will probably never get around to it. Well I hope you enjoy-
Poppiea the Pig
Elwood the Elephant and Chavez the Chicken

Saturday, October 9, 2010

See what's Buzzzing around Freedom Divine....

Oh just a little something....that I love....I guess I needed a little break from Halloween and while on that break this is what I came up with.... It's Bee- rific..

No.1 & No.2 Halloween Decor

I have been filling every spare minute that I can find with- well Halloween "stuff". I should of had everything complete by now but as always I am running a little late, but not toooo late.  With three wee ones well four if you count my husband, there's always something to do. I am a do it yourselfer- the kind that would rather do everything myself because it just takes longer to ask the kids to do it, so I don't seem to have much spare time lately. I have made a few things for my Etsy site so I thought I would give y'all a sneak peek!!! I hope you enjoy.