Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween Door Decor Painting

In a mad rush ..... I started to do some Halloween decorating last week, then I realized that my "fall" door decor did not match my Halloween decor and company was already on the way....soooo I grabbed an old table top that was out in my garage drew some silly ghost with my pencil and then got my paints out. This was about a 30 min project. It was one of those things that I do often and think if it turns out, great I'll use it and if it doesn't great, I will put it in the pile of " art in waiting", my husband calls that pile "clutter that I need to throw away". I think it's pretty darn cute. My kids really like it, even my 12 year old that thinks everything is lame said it was "neat"., I'll take that. If I would have planned it out and taken more time I would have wrote Happy Halloween or something but it will stay just the way it is for now.

1 comment:

  1. I surely don't think it lame either :)very cute!