Monday, July 26, 2010

Progress is being made......Slowly......

OK I started painting on his head hoping that would inspire me on what he should be...And it has!! I have a few ideas to play with. I feel like he is starting to come to life a bit.. Here are some pictures, you will have to wait and see how he turns out...this is defiantly work in progress.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Latest W.I.P

Here are some pics of what I am working on....  I am defiantly taking it one step at a time, I say that because I have no idea what he will turn out to be. Ideally, I plan out what I am going to do ahead of time but every once in a while I take the long way around. I spend more time sitting, staring and thinking what I am gong to do than actually working on something. For now I am waiting for the tile adhesive to dry so I will just sit and stare....and wonder until something comes to mind........ Wish me luck for I have other ideas patiently waiting to come out......
I used an old flower pot that I had, in the pic above it is turned upside down. I made the head using air dry clay, the armature for the head is a wooden fence finial, wire, newspaper and tape. I used tile adhesive to attach the wooden finial to the bottom of pot.
Hopefully I will have more pics soon to show what other progress I have made!!!!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I love her!!! I made Miss. Frogtabulous to sell on my Etsy site, but I sure am having some thoughts about keeping her. I love anything pink so maybe thats why- It must be those pink feathers in her hat....Who knows!!! I often wonder if all artist fall in love with everything they make?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Belva's Enchanted 1st Birthday

Silly Boy

This is Belva's Big Brother Waylon, playing around with the party favors.

Pink Lady Bug Cake

Oh the lady bug cake. Let's just say it tasted great! I used the lady bug cake pan by Wilton. It was cute and Belva loved it.

The Crown

So the crown is a little to big!!
I made this using a precut cardboard crown, painted it with acrylic paint. The 1 is Tim Holtz grunge board that I covered with silver glitter. I used crepe paper, tulle and ribbons to embellish.

DIY Fairy, Butterfly Wings

Here are the wings I made for Belva. I bought these wings at Michael's Craft Store they are just plain white and come in a pack 6 pair per pack.They are like a heavy card stock. I painted them a linen color and brushed on a few different pinks on the edges until I got the look I wanted. I used acrylic paints. I bought silk flowers and basically made a circle of leaves first. After I got the leaves in place and hot glued on I used hot glue and attached my roses and tulle. I think they turned out great.
Isn't she just beautiful with her little wings on!!!!!!
                                           My sweet baby girl.

Paper Mache Wish Box

I made this using an old candle stick and a paper mache box. I painted the candle stick to match the roses and decoupaged paper on to the box, Used hot glue to attach the box to the candle stick. I just painted the top of box and used hot glue to attach the roses and tulle on top. The tag on top says WISH, I used a piece of card board, painted it and stamped WISH with Tim Holtz distressing ink. Of course I covered the box with glitter. Two of my favorite things in the world would have to be anything PINK and Glitter Glitter, Glitter!!!!!!!

A few Embellishments.....

Some tags I made...

Wish Fairies

They say Happy Birthday at the bottom.
These are my favorite! I made one of these Wish Fairies for each guest. They were the party favors. I made them out of paper clay. They have paper wings and I used coffee filters to make the ruffles around the neck, I dyed the coffee filters with left over coffee. Look closely and you will see that each wish fairy has Belva's face. I covered the wings and bodies in glitter for that extra bit of sparkle. How sweet!

Place Settings

This is a picture of the place settings. Once again I printed pictures of Belva using white card stock paper and cut out her head, attached it to a craft stick (you could use a Popsicle stick) used my Cricut to cut out the large crown. The Circles on the crowns- I used Tim Holtz grunge board precut shapes, painted them and stamped her name using silver ink. So So CUTE! Used tulle, and tied around each stick.

DIY Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers turned out so cute. Of course I couldn't let anyone throw them away after they finished their cupcake! I printed off pictures of Belva, cut out her face and glued a small craft stick (300 for $1) on the back. The crown- I used my Cricut. It was so simple. I purchased the cupcake tower at Wal-Mart( $10) and used craft glue NOT hot glue, cut paper dollies and glued them to the sides to decorate. The tower is made out of plastic so you can throw it in the sink and wash the dollies/glue off.