Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simple DIY 5 Minute Wall Decor

Why I choose today to go around and snap some pics, its gloomy and raining outside. These plates are hanging on my kitchen wall. I bought three ceramic plates at Homegoods, printed off three crowns, three sets of butterfly wings and three pictures, the first one is my mother as a child, second is my husband as a child and the third one is his mother as a child. After I cut everything out (I used card stock paper and a regular ink jet printer) I placed it on the plate to see how I wanted it to look then just sprayed the back of the cut outs with spray adhesive and WAHHH LAA. Really the longest part is cutting everything out. Oh and of course the crowns and wings were compliments of the GRAPHICS FAIRY..... You could do this little mini project on a million things. I hope it sparks your imagination to wanting to make something. Even though its quite simple it's things like this that when I am visiting blogs I'll see and say ohhh how simple why didn't I ever think of that!!!! Hope you enjoy......


  1. Heather, I LOVE this idea!! Brilliant!


  2. Crafting on a gloomy day is the best! Keep the ideas coming :)