Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garage Sale Mirror Redo...

Several months ago I bought this YELLOW GOLD mirror. I hung it in my foyer thinking if I painted my sconces to match it I would like it better.......Well I didn't so I painted it now I love it.

Here is a before pic... Remember this pic from my coffee filter wreath tutorial???? The mirror does't look all that BRIGHT here but believe me it was.
The base color is called "warm grey" I bought it at Lowes. It is a nice off white it has no grey hue to it at all.
Then with a little decrotive painting this is what I ended up with. I love it now. I used a really bright reddish pink, and then "washed" it with black to tone it down.
My mother gave me a wall decal she bought at HomeGoods because it was too small for her to use. I like the way it looks on the mirror, I wish it wasn't frosted but it still works.
Here is what my scones looked like after a painted them to match the mirror.
I sprayed them with the same warm grey as the mirror and did a black "wash" on them.
Little Elwood is just hanging out looking cute!!

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  1. These look great! You're so good about re-doing things! I get the "oh, well, it's already hanging, just leave it be" laziness :)