Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Please Read.. A Wonderful Company

I just wanted to share a little story with you.....
I have been contemplating on purchasing business cards for a while. So I find a wonderful shop on Etsy  to design my cards (easy enough). Then I ask what is the best place to have them printed??? She suggest several sites, and tells me that she recommends Moo, she said they might be a little bit higher but they are a great company.... So as always my first thought is to check them out last because we all want to save money whenever we can right??? I click on these other Major sites and I am so overwhelmed and confused that I don't even want to have my cards printed at this point I just don't have time to figure out what type of well EVERYTHING I need, sometimes 500 choices aren't always a good thing. I shut my computer and go about my day. Then I find some time and get ready to order my cards, I thought I would check out Moo since I have heard alot about them on Etsy. I get to Moo I look around and I sigh in relief, their site is simple and easy to read, they even have Videos to show you how the paper bends and holds up compared to other cards. At this point I don't care how much more my cards are gonna cost me I place my order within 5 minutes and I'm done. By the way there really isn't that much a price difference. A few days go by and I get this email "Hi Heather we are sorry to inform you that while printing your cards there is a few blemishes in the laminate.(I'm thinking JUST GREAT), but we are sending them to you anyway just to get you by while we reprint you entire order at no charge. I am THINKING WHAT... no charge, the email is signed "Dave". So I email Dave back knowing that there's no Dave it's just a computer generated message, I tell "him" Thanks and they are just wonderful for basically just being honest. THEN.......I get a email back thanking me and Dave (a real person) says that he is going to share my email with the rest of his team.. The point of this story is that there are a few good companies left. To me it's worth a few extra dollars some times to deal with a company that cares about their customers. It sad to sit back and think about what we have all created in the busy messed up world, then you get a little glimmer of hope when you find companies like Moo, and places to shop like Etsy where someone actually put their heart and soul into your purchase. I hope if anyone is is need of anything for their business that they will try Moo first and always shop handmade whenever possible. Just remember there's a few things that money can't buy...Honesty is one of them.
Thanks for taking time to read my Post,


  1. Wow! That is fantastic....they made my little business~crafty heart pitter pat!

    Thanks so much for sharing :D