Monday, September 19, 2011

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

I have been trying to finish up a few Halloween pieces for my Etsy Shop and have started getting ready for Halloween. We have had some beautiful fall weather this past week in South Carolina and it has put me in the mood to start decorating!!! I am so happy to say GOOD BYEEEEEEE Summertime. I thought I would share a few things around my house that I did over the weekend. I made this cute skeleton head wreath and everything came for the dollar store.

I Started out using a green Styrofoam wreath. I wrapped it in black crepe paper then I had previously dyed some coffee filters with a mixture of water and black acrylic paint (which makes them gray). I hot glued coffee filters all over. Then I took the small skeleton heads and randomly glued them all over. My plans were to glue the larger black glittered skull in to the center of the wreath but it fit so tightly in the center that I didn't have to glue it. I think it turned out great and only coast me about 6 or $7.00 to make. The small Skeleton heads were in bags of 9, and I think I used 3 or 4 bags. You could use less heads and more filters if you wanted. I think this would also look great without the skull in the center. Now for today I am hoping to drag all the rest of my Halloween decor out of the attic....Wish me luck.... Are you getting ready for fall?????


  1. Heather...this is FABULOUS! Great job!!!


  2. Heather, You are amazing!!! Your wreath is amazing!!!
    I was just at the $ store and purchased 1 bag of those skulls, this is the cutest idea...your creative mind is always coming up with something fantastic.
    My mom is in South Carolina right now enjoying herself on vacation, I wished i would have been a stowaway and came to your house to

    Have a wondermous week,

  3. ABSOLUTELY! I've been ready for Fall 2 months ago...haha!

    I am so happy it's time for Halloween, too...I've already decorated...heehee!!

    LOVE that wreath! It's to die for......sorry, couldn't help it :D